«Way of thinking» is a project through which I would like to extrapolate my artistic vision of the world into photography. It touches beyond an instinctive dimension, impossible to apprehend via explanations, while managing only to sketch outlines, either by showing or by drawing. Maybe subconsciously I refer to a part of myself, originating from my inner thoughts or memories.

           Since childhood music plays an important role in my life. Surrounded by abundant nature of greenery and water, I realized that not only humans are capable of creating music. Our environment is also the source of wonderful sounds, all under the direction of a full orchestra.

          Music generates emotions and imitates our sensations. Our emotions are infinitely varied and can change depending on time and personal circumstances. Thus, they can be fun and foster a desire to create, to make miracles or even fly. At the same time they are able to immerse ourselves in sadness, melancholy or boredom. Music can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

In reality, music is never the same for everyone. Everyone’s perception is individualized, as it mirrors the inside of the person who is listening.

You stop for a moment, close your eyes, listen and imagine ...


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